This is a list of documents and links with information on the topic of Women in Leadership. Please visit the French version of this website for other documents only available in French. And please forward us information you find interesting and feel should be included here.

NEW! The Women in Leadership Toolbox

We are proud to present the Women in Leadership Toolbox, designed to enhance women's leadership in all sectors. Six out of the 9 tools are currently available, and the others will follow shortly.

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Convergence Report Page 1

To address the need to apply a wider intersectional lens to the findings on women’s participation—all women’s participation—in politics and leadership positions, this Convergence Report (Phase 2 of Women in Leadership) focuses explicitly on groups of minority women. This report is a follow-up to our DIALOGUE sessions.

Convergence Report, a complement to the Report and Potential Solutions for Phase 1 of the Project, May 2023.


Revised version, May 2023

Community Consultations: A dialogue about equitable gender representation in politics and on boards of governors

 Community Consultations page 1



Government of Canada - Gender Results Framework

Government of Canada - Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

Government of Canada - Policy on Gender-Based Analysis Plus: Applying an Intersectional Approach to Foster Inclusion and Address Inequities

The 50-30 Challenge

On Boards

You would like to become a member of one of the Government of New Brunswick's agencies, boards or commissions? Here's how.

Harvard Business Review - Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis (2020)

The Conference Board of Canada - All on Board: Turning Evidence Into Action for Women's Leadership  


In Politics

In New Brunswick

Checklist for Women Candidates

Elections NB, "Report of the Municipal Electoral Officer"(May 10, 2021)

Elections NB, Report of the Chief Electoral Officer, "Fortieth General Provincial Election" (September 14, 2020)


Equal Voice, Getting Started in Politics: A Workbook

The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women developed a series of guides for women who are considering elected political leadership. Here's the link.


In Canada

Vecchio, K, "Elect Her: A Roadmap for Improving the Representation of Women in Canadian Politics", Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women (2019)

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, Briefing Note Submitted to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women "Barriers Facing Women in Politics" (2018)

Federation of Canadian Municipalities - "Run, Win and Lead: Toward Parity in Municipal Politics. Municipal Sector Framework for Achieving Gender Parity in Local Government"

Federation of Canadian Municipalities - "Toward Parity Knowledge Hub: Resources for equality in representation in municipal politics"

Federation of Canadian Municipalities - "Municipal Elections in Canada: A Guide for Women Candidates"

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