Since its almost 20 years of existence, Women in Business New Brunswick has been working to advance the cause of women by encouraging women entrepreneurs, through their success in business, to contribute to the economic prosperity of the province.

This is also true for women in leadership roles on boards of directors and in politics, as evidence is mounting that closing the gender gap in leadership and decision-making positions is leading to significant impacts on economic growth.

Our focus with Women in leadership — From Talk to Action is to address key systemic barriers to women’s advancement and to build community-based approaches in support of women’s equality, accelerate systemic change in New Brunswick and to strengthen representation and participation of women on corporate boards and in other decision-making roles such as in politics. 

WBNB isn't alone in this journey. In collaboration with all our allies, from the business world, political circles and associations, Women in Leadership — From Talk to Action aims to tackle unequal power structures. We want people directly affected by gender inequality, with lived experiences, to be part of the dialogue and part of the solutions. This project will provide a voice for all women and non-binary people, particularly racialized, immigrant and Indigenous women, the disabled and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

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By helping to boost women’s participation in the boardroom, and in the political arena, we can play a key role in reducing the wage gap while also improving organizational performance in all sectors of the economy.



Working towards parity and equality

The Approach

  • Carry-out a comprehensive assessment to determine which laws, policies and practices prevent women (including marginalized groups) from fully participating in leadership and decision-making positions.
  • Gender parity/equality progress will require cross-sector collaboration in developing policies and practices designed to increase women’s leadership in the democratic, civic, public, and private sectors.
  • Determine community-based approaches (e.g., anti-oppression/anti-racism initiatives) to address barriers to leadership/decision-making positions for diverse groups of women.
  • Establish a community of practice to share ideas and create new knowledge to advancing women’s representation and participation in leadership roles and the decision-making process.
  • Develop transferable training tools, including Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), for partners and people in positions of power, seeking ways to enhance women’s leadership role in the democratic, civic, public, and private sectors.

From Talk to Action…
The goal is to achieve gender equality in leadership roles and at all levels of decision-making.

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The project has been funded through Women and Gender Equality Canada’s Women’s Program.
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